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Eastbourne - Washington DC

When you consider to buy a house, you call a real estate agent………

For shares on the stock exchange a broker. For other important matters a Lawyer or Notary.

However, who do you call when you decide to write a book or have finished your powerful manuscript as a professional author?

Most likely you go out in the woods to find your own way, risking to get lost and loose valuable time or even maybe money, or you let yourself being intrigued by the validation by a traditional publisher who may offer you a royalty contract.

Ages ago writers consulted a Literary Agent to guide them. Nowadays writers have few other options than to turn to publishers and all kind of online services available, to decide which publisher or which publishing model to choose from.

Understand and maximize the opportunities to publish for a global audience available to you in these days, leveraging today’s connections and technology to reach readers?

I can guide you through the woods of publishing at large.

Encouraging special interest authors and professionals from within the society at large around the globe, who have a story to tell to the world, to contact me and engage in a conversation for free to discover what is behind the woods and empower your book in promotion and distribution whereby you remain in control of your manuscript.


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